The Memories We Keep

Nathaniel Sinclair appears to have it all: as CEO of Illinois’ largest media company, he’s young, successful, and wealthy, and he’s married to a beautiful, ambitious woman who’s studying to be a doctor. But behind closed doors, Nathaniel’s life is far from perfect. He’s plagued by an inexplicable hatred for his wife, and he’s struggling to remember why he ever married her in the first place. The source of Nathaniel’s confusion is an accident he had a year and a half ago, which robbed him of some of his memories. His wife insists that they were once best friends who fell in love, while Nathaniel’s father tells him that the marriage was purely a matter of convenience. As Nathaniel struggles to unravel the mysteries of his past, he’s left with a haunting question: will he ever remember the truth about his relationship with his wife before it’s too late?

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