Finding My True Mate – Part 3

Emma and Logan have been marked for each other for the past four years. For all of them, life is wonderful, but Logan still finds it difficult to accept what Samuel said. He worries that someone is attempting to steal his mate from him.
When rogues start attacking Alpha Drake’s pack, what will happen? Are those criminals pursuing Emma? What will transpire when a surprise visitor arrives at Alpha Logan’s pack and shares a captivating tale about the White Wolf? Will Emma and Logan be able to get through the challenges they face? Will they remain together or will fate separate them?What will happen when rogues start to attack Alpha Drake’s pack? Are those rogues after Emma?  What will happen when an unexpected guest shows up at Alpha Logan’s pack and tells an interesting story about the White Wolf? Will Emma and Logan manage to overcome the obstacles that are in front of them? Will they stay together or will destiny break them apart?

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