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The Darkness Within


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Realm of fantasy

"" A whisper of my own untold
tales waiting to be shared"

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A Literary Sensation -
True Lun

"Rejected By & My Mate"

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The Latest In true Luna

"the unknown magic"

A she-wolf struggles with love, revenge, and old mysteries.

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Books In Store For You

The Unknown Magic

The Howls of Destiny – Where a she-wolf Sophie containing a deep darkness within

Sophia’s past reappears, posing a threat to her newfound love as she struggles with her remarkable abilities and a complex mate bond. Join her on an exciting quest for redemption as she faces off against vengeful foes and learns the full depth of her magic. In this thrilling book, you’ll encounter a mesmerizing fusion of romance, suspense, and otherworldly aspects.

Admirers Of True Luna

“This captivating series has a bewitching quality that makes it difficult to put the volumes down. Readers are instantly engaged in the thrilling narratives of Emma, Logan, and Andrew and yearn to learn the secrets that are hidden within the pages. The excitement for the last two books is palpable since the first two books have already captured readers’ attention. Because they may take readers to a world of romance, suspense, and seductive narrative. – David S. McGinnis

“A genuine masterpiece that is deserving of a 5-star rating. These works offer an exciting reading experience thanks to their masterful blending of mystery, passion, and never-ending thrill. Readers are kept interested until the very end by a new twist or revelation that appears on every page. The plot is made deeper and more intense by the brilliantly penned love moments. This series is a must-have that will have you excitedly expecting the next edition whether you’re a beginner or seasoned reader. – Kathleen K.

“Absolutely addicted to this series! Each page-turn leaves readers wanting more as the gripping plot keeps them on the edge of their seats. The intense plot gains even more intensity from the passionate and intriguing love scenes. There is no doubt that this series will continue to provide an exciting and gratifying reading experience, especially with the third volume nearing completion. – Matthew A. Cyr


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